How to Get the Guy You Like’s Attention

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? You see the guy of your dreams, you stare across the room at him and think he has caught your gaze. You feel your heart skip a beat, your stomach starts to flutter. Is he looking at you? Why? Is this finally going to happen?!

You get up, knees aching and shaking, and you make your way over. However, as you walk over with your big smile and flirty eyes, he looks right through you to the person who was sitting behind you!

If you are into a guy and you just cannot seem to get his attention, no matter how many times you drop your pen in front of him or give out the most obvious messages, then read on for some sure-fire tips to put yourself in the position where you are the girl he is smiling at from across the room!

How to catch his eye

If you want him to notice you then give him a gaze for just the right amount of time. Staring longingly and eagerly into his eyes for hours would not be the correct way of going about it. You want to keep eye contact for just the right amount of time to show him that you’re interested. A little smile might also be the right way to get his attention. You want to convey to him that you are open to talking if he approaches you.

Be Confident, positive and fun

Confident, positive, fun and happy people are attractive. These are the qualities which gets the attention of people because people are naturally attracted to these qualities. Having fun and a good time wherever you go will get you noticed.

When talking to him, make sure that you convey your true confident, happy self and show him that you are a fun and easy going person.

Keep in mind that confidence can be mistaken for arrogance, so mixing it up with some playful and funny humor keeps things on a friendly level and ensures that he gets the hint. Sometimes, men just need it put in front of them or have it spelt out to them clearly.

Find out about his interests

It will be a good idea to find out what he is interested in. Keep in mind that there is a fine line between finding out what somebody likes and stalking them. A quick glance at a social media page of his would be a good place to start, or a mutual friend.

Let communications and conversation happen naturally and ask him questions about his interests. Show genuine interest in what he has to say. People love it when other people are interested in what they are passionate about. If you are destined to be together then the connection will naturally come on its own with time.

Many woman make the mistake of being too eager to please or to find that moment where you both think there could be more to this. By playing it cool and just ensuring you both enjoy each other’s company, you can avoid any of that awkwardness and rid yourself of the infamous look right through you stare!