How To Escape the Friend Zone – For Guys

Ahhh, the Friend Zone – the area you find yourself in the minute you spend too much time with a girl. The friend zone is reserved especially for the guys who are seen as ‘just a friend’ or those who cannot find the courage to make the move to ensure that things are happening which is supposed to happen between a man and a woman.

One thing most guys in the friend zone are infamous for is not being able to criticize or make fun of the girl in question. They are too scared of hurting her feelings or her disagreeing. They let themselves fawn over everything the girl says. This means that there is a lack of chemistry or interaction that leads to being seen as ‘a nice guy, but not fun enough to keep her interested’

Fear not! The friend zone can be escaped – it requires three things though. It requires confidence, desire and a bit of steel downstairs. You need to be ready to put yourself out there and make it known you could be more than the guy she turns to when things fall apart with her current boyfriend!

When we say make fun of, this is not to say you should sit there and slate her appearance and personality – you want to be playful with this stuff and still convey that you are a sincere guy. 

You should try and find funny events that happened when you shared some time together, and make jokes regarding that. Let’s say for example you were both out to see a movie, and a rather insignificant part of the movie rendered her speechless with fear – this is the type of thing you can make fun of without making it personal or making it seem like you are trying to hurt her feelings.

The most important part of getting out of the friend zone is being able to provide her with comfort in your arms, but also the ability to make her laugh. Woman feel more attracted to men that can make them laugh. Those stuck in the friend zone are there because they cannot convey funny stories or get woman to laugh at their jokes. Be a tease, yet be sincere.

You need to lose the fear or trepidation of hurting feelings or hitting the wrong note, and just tell her what you actually think. Getting out of your shell is the key to getting yourself out of the friend zone. The friend zone can ruin your confidence, and dwelling there for too long is actually unattractive to other people. It can make you come across as desperate if you follow her around at every turn, without actually getting anywhere with her.

So what are you waiting for? Kick that door down and escape the friend zone – you either get a much more open friendship, or the true feelings on both sides of the fence will come out! It’s worth taking the risk, as there is nothing more miserable than the friend zone.