How to get him to kiss you

Maybe you have spent time going through online dating profiles and have met the man of your dreams. You met him several times in person and are positive that you are a match made in heaven – but what if you are wondering how to get him to kiss you? There are a couple of things you can do to help you move things forward.

Before focusing on kissing, you should do some basic prep work.

Make sure you dress comfortably and look nice. Select appealing makeup, but keep it natural. Go for lip balm over gloss, and select a setting that won’t put pressure on either of you. Finding something to do that is semi-public yet private is a good way to test the waters and see where your relationship is going.

You will want to make sure that your guy is at ease, comfortable, and self-confident. This means not only finding a neutral place to see one another that gives a level of privacy but focusing on his conversation, plumping up his ego, and showing genuine interest in whatever topics and jokes he wants to share.

Reach into his space a little and give him cues that you like physical contact with him. Not only is physical touches and leaning into his space good cues but it will stoke his desire to be with you.

He will pay more attention to your non-verbal cues. It need not be much, a brush of the hand on his arm is as effective as holding his hand would be. Keep in mind that it is not necessary to move fast. Holding hands might be a first step, a kiss might happen on another date altogether and that is alright.

It is important to make sure he’s feeling comfortable and likes physical contact with you. Snuggling up against his side, flirting and laughing at his jokes, holding his hand and keeping eye contact are all important elements of getting someone to move from casual friendship to a deeper relationship.

If all the non-verbal cues seem to be failing remember the key rule of relationships is communication. It is okay to come out and ask how your guy feels about kissing. It is okay to say “I really like you and would like it if you kissed me.” Do not beat around the bush. Let your guy know you really do like him and want to move the relationship forward.